Trusted Traveler

I am pleased to report the US Customs & Border patrol has approved my application and I passed my interview to become a trusted traveler in the Global Entry program. Here’s how it works, when I get off an International flight, I go up to a kiosk put my passport in, finger prints, take a photo, complete the customs declaration, take the receipt and I am off to the front of the line. As the nice officer told me, do not make eye contact with the people in line, go up to the front and make eye contact with the Customs officer who will take you next in line. He then shared people will be upset and make comments to me but to ignore them and he did offer me some little cards to hand them, referring them to the Global Entry program web site when they complain about me jumping in line. I will say ” you too can have a fastpass to the front, here’s how and give them a card”. Hopefully that will keep them from cutting me with their illegal knife in their luggage.The cost is only $100 and it is good for 5 years. He did share that some of the airports are getting complaints about the cutting and starting to put in a separate lane for Global Entry I hope when I return to the US, that will be in place. The whole cutting, no eye contact makes me a little uncomfortable. I however do look forward to not having to wait in another US customs line.


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  1. Rick
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 10:00:11

    You will get use to the whole cutting and no eye contact thing after spending a little time in China. It becomes a part of your every day life unless you want to just stand there and never get served.


    • Rebecca
      Aug 21, 2010 @ 10:13:21

      Thanks Rick! Good point.. your post reminded me of the mad dash to the subway where people are not allowed to get off before people are trying to get in. Oh dear… mentally prepare, mentally prepare. How long till you think I am a pro? 3 days?


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