Checklist Steps 1-3?

With Shanghai being 12 hours ahead of Orlando time, or EST, most of my communication, with the exception of a few 8pm interviews have been through email. Each morning I wake up and check my Blackberry to see what update, question, or form to fill out was waiting for me. Sometimes, I needed the 12 hour time difference to figure out what was being asked of me, other times it was a challenge for I had a reply or question and it just took more time to communicate. One morning I received an email from an organization the company hired to assist with “migration matters”. They with getting my  China work permit and residence permit. They sent an immigration questionnaire I had to complete along with a checklist titled Securing Employment Authorization for Shanghai, China. The checklist started with step 4.  I checked the document sent thinking I may have missed a page when I printed the checklist, no it starts with step 4. I started to question,What are steps 1-3? Did I already do them? Do they matter? Is this going to impact my migration? I decided to not worry about it and start with step 4 and collect what was needed. The items include 10 passport photos, copy of marriage certificate, and copy of diploma from highest degree earned and a bunch of other stuff.  I was able to find my High School diploma, as well as my Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award, that’s right I am a DAR, my  diploma from Umass, but I couldn’t find my MBA.  I texted Todd that I lost my MBA and he told me that it is not possible for me to lose my MBA, like I lose my car keys. Leave it to Todd to be sensible and of course right yet again however, at this moment it was like I lost my car  keys, I am stuck, in a panic, and unable to go anywhere and in this case complete steps 4-7. When he came home he found my diploma in a box in the garage, it was really dusty. When I shared the story of the lost diploma, I was asked why I didn’t have it framed on the wall, then I would know where it was. This may be true, but if it was framed, I would have been mad if I had to take apart the fancy framing  to make a copy of the diploma to complete the checklist. Things work out that is why I never framed it for when I needed to make a copy.  I still wonder about steps 1-3…  time will tell if they are important or not.


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  1. jeff noel
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 05:26:55

    Nice post. Thanks goodness for dusty boxes in garages.


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