Smart Choices: Marathon and Long Haul Flight

After completing my 1st half marathon in March, I complained I didn’t get the runners high I was hoping for.  However, I think I did, for I signed up to do another half marathon and made Todd do it with me, the Disneyland half marathon Labor Day weekend. We booked our flights before the opportunity in Shanghai came about and decided instead of flying back to Orlando after the race for a few days and then flying to Shanghai, we would just leave from LA and go to Shanghai. That was a smart choice. This way Todd can come out with me help me get a little settled, look at apartments, start his residence permit application, etc. before I start work on 9/13.

We both completed the Marathon!

Now…our smart choice of flying out from LAX the next day, doesn’t seem all that wise now, with the muscle stiffness and soreness that has set in and flying in coach and being so close to business class I can see what their menu choices are and other amenities, I would have been ok but then the flight attendants rolled out the ice cream sundae cart, where they hand scooped ice cream of their choice and added toppings. I love ice cream and toppings, that made my knees hurt even more. I did watch It’s Complicated, 3 episodes of True Blood, some Entourage and a little snooze. After 11 hours we made it to Narita, Japan. The strange thing is it was daylight the entire flight, oh and I lost a day! Only one more flight and we will arrive in Shanghai Tuesday evening at 9:30pm. I feel pretty good now, once I get walking the knees and other parts feel much better and the airport here is very fun. There is some robo beer pouring machine here that makes Todd happy (Scary is I think it is more about the robot than the beer it pours but I could be wrong) and not to mention the warning about Crocs oh and the treat in the restrooms, with courtesy flushing sound option available.


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  1. jeff noel
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 05:27:32

    What a great way to keep everyone in touch with the Morgans. Congrats to you and Todd on your 13.1.


  2. Tim Watts
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 06:25:36

    Congrats to you both on finishing the half marathon. I see now that the second medal was the coast to coast one. The danger of mobile devices is sometimes I can’t see pics as well until I actually get to a full size monitor.

    I have to tell you that the warning on the crocs getting stuck in escalators has now finally convinced me to make other footwear choices…and I was just about to get a purple pair…..


  3. Dennis
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 08:14:10

    Congratulations on completing another marathon. I don’t even bother distinguishing between a full or half marathon. 13 miles is way toooooo far to walk, run, or any combination. Holy Cow!

    You are both very courageous to take on such a life changing challenge. I’m sure it will be life enhancing. Now that you are there, each day will no doubt be an adventure in discovery. Can’t wait to read all about it.


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