Medical Exam

We arrived in Shanghai around 9:30pm. On the plane I could barely keep my eyes open… after arriving at the airport, going through immigration and customs, where they have a survey on the stations on your satisfaction with the officer. It has smiley faces and frowns. You pick which one corresponds to your service received. I didn’t want to make anyone upset as I was entering PRC so I selected the big :). Took a cab to where we are staying, the cab driver, looked at out bags and said something, I said yes many bags and Todd loaded them into the cab. The cab driver wore white gloves, maybe it is a cab thing and it is white glove service? By the time we arrived, Todd and I both reset, we were back on FL time and although it was 11pm at night here in Shanghai, we couldn’t sleep. Finally went to bed around 12:30am and woke up at 5:30am, couldn’t get back to sleep, the time change is a bear. It is ok for we had to meet someone at the lobby at 7:45am who was going to take us to our required medical exam. It gave me time to unpack my 4 suitcases.

We load up into a taxi and head out of the city, as we were driving I was thinking, isn’t there medical places closer in the city? We finally make it and I had to provide 10 passport photos and Todd 6, along with our passports. We filled out a form and given a number, I was number 12 and Todd 13. It was like at the deli, when your number was up, it would show on a light board, your number called, and you entered this room with 2 desks and 2 people working each desk. You sat on a stool and the one person looked at the form and typed into her computer, you then had to get up from that stool and move to the next one, just 2 feet away and give the form to the next person, who did some more typing. This was just the beginning of handing the form to someone and a series of small rooms. Then we had to go to the cashier and pay. Next to the cashier, was an office of the Dr. when the door opened, a man came out and so did the smell of cigarettes. The Dr or who that was, was smoking in the office at the medical center!  After paying, we were sent to another small room where we were given a robe, shoe covers, and a locker key and told to undress from waist up. As I change I am pleased that I dropped a few sizes and fit into the little robe. Todd did not have such a positive experience with the robe. The robes are one size, and it didn’t close on Todd, it was like a 3/4 sleeve shirt,  I am giggling as I type this over the sight, I wish I took a photo but I am sure they wouldn’t have appreciated in the medical center. The rooms were numbers 108, 109, 110…most rooms had the medical personnel and a chair for the “patient” and a next up chair in the same room as well as seating outside each room. There were assistants in the hallway as you came out of a room, look at your paper, which like the passport books at Epcot would receive a stamp from the room you were just in and they would tell you which room to go to next. We had blood drawn, vitals taken, eye exam, with our glasses on.. yup we kept our glasses on as we covered one eye and read the chart, an ultrasound, they do not warm the gel here, we had jumper cables attach to us, I think it was an EKG.. but the form said ECG… a chest x-ray, which at that point I started to giggle thinking about the whole experience and Todd in his robe. I am sure the shot is blurry. Their English is very  limited, saying such things as “sit”, “lie down”, “turn over” never knowing what they were actually going to do to us and why. I was asked if I have high blood pressure and I said no, then I was told to “relax” I guess it was high. I wanted to share I just ran a 1/2 marathon, traveled 15 hours by plane, to a foreign country where I will live for the next 3 years and 4 months, can’t sleep when I should be,  and in a foreign medical facility where I have no idea what is being done to me but I have been poked and clamped. I am sure that had something to do with  my blood pressuring being a high. Todd’s was high too! I am sure all that and the robe situation added to his being high. All the tests took less than 1 hour, our person put us in a cab and we headed back to the hotel. The cab driver had white gloves on as well. We will get our results back in 4 business days. No HIPPA here for the relocation service will be picking up our medical report and assist in getting our permits.

I am glad we did this on the morning of our very 1st day and still dazed and confused from the travel and time change for looking back at the whole experience, wow! It was something.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 19:56:04

    I was sitting home today reading this and laughed out loud at your description of Todd in his robe…scared the poor kitties!


  2. Dennis
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 08:00:46

    Reading about your adventure at the health clinic reminded me of that sci-fi movie where the guy gets abducted by aliens and … well it was a lot like you described only the taxi drivers didn’t wear white gloves.


  3. Adrienne
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 19:07:34

    I wonder what the ultrasound was for? Poor Todd, at least it made for great laughs.


    • Rebecca
      Sep 10, 2010 @ 18:02:38

      No idea…. he hated it, said it was the most uncomfortable thing, pushing on you like that. HA! Finally a little insight into being a girl. Not to mention the gel stuff was not warmed, that made it uncomfortable for me 🙂


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