Very Clean City But There is Spitting

My initial impression of Shanghai is one of amazement on how clean the city is with how many people are here. Compared to other cities I have visited, NY, Rome, LA, Shanghai is amazingly clean. I have yet to see any graffiti, carved initials or devotion of love anywhere. There is rarely any trash on the ground and there are folks constantly sweeping the streets. With handmade brooms made of twigs and wire. We did a test run to my office building yesterday to see how far it would be from the apartment I want (it is a 20 min walk) and there was someone scrubbing the door thresholds, how often does anyone scrub the thresholds of doors at home? I can’t say I ever have done it at my house or seen anyone do so on a public building.

There is one thing… that will take you off guard and I am not yet use to, don’t know if ever will be and it is the spitting. Folks will hock up a good loggie (the ones with a loud, long snort, maybe a cough, and a snarl) and let it go, right on the street. I have seen some folks expel it into a trash can and I wanted to run over and applaud them for their efforts but for the most part, may just let it fall where it may. Maybe that is a reason why you take off your shoes when entering houses, never really know what will be found on them…

Clean Streets

Clean Streets


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  1. Shelli Browning
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 21:06:40

    Oh, ewww! So much for walking barefoot!


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