All By Myself

I am all by myself now, Todd has headed back to the US. Sniff, sniff 😦 It was a rough morning but then I, all by myself… made it to work! Rode the metro in rush hour and all. You know how when in testing, it is often suggested to go with your original answer is or when in doubt pick C. Well… there was no C to pick so I went with my original thought if I need to take line 1 or line 2 to get to work… I tried looking around, everything looked familiar due to the past week I have been taking the metro everywhere, on many different lines and  stations. There are so many shops, and poster signs so finding landmarks or items of familiarity is difficult, also all signs are in Chinese. So I went with my gut, which is line 1. The next decision was which way do I go on the metro? One name looked familiar and the other not so much, so I went with the one I thought was correct, then what exit to take? Fortunately for me, I remember this woman selling newspapers in the station at the exit and she was there today, so I went to that exit and sure enough, the Apple store (only 2 in Shanghai so an easy landmark to know where I am, they change the exterior of the building and I am in trouble)  and I made it to the office! YAHOO! Why do I not take a taxi? I believe most tax drivers speak Chinese only, so to tell them the address you need to provide them the address in Chinese. Also, it is cheaper to take the metro.  From my temporary housing, the busiest metro station in Shanghai, of course it is… To ride the metro one way to work is .44 cents a cab would be $1.79. 🙂 I feel great being able to get to and from work today!It is the little things.  I wrote it down for tomorrow, just in case the newspaper lady is taking a day off.


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  1. Andrea Hendry
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 17:50:24

    You’re so brave and every day it’ll get a little bit easier. You can do this!!!


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