Chinese Name- Mo Rui Jia

To finish my residence permit, I need a Chinese name. I was told this the day before the service was coming to get my paperwork for my permit, with one of the items being a Chinese name (maybe that was one of the MIA steps 1-3). I got busy and forgot about it. Lots of other things on my mind, like how do I get home from work and crossing the street.  I am also so new, it is hard for me to ask the folks to help me with a name, for they do not know me yet. A lot of thought and meaning go into names. One of the guys in the office, took months to come up with his name, why did he have months and I 1 day?? Even in the US, some have names for their children picked out when they were children, other have at least 9 months to think about a name, I had 24 hours, even less for I forgot about the need.

9am comes and the service is here. I hand over my paperwork and they said what about your Chinese name! UGGH! I forgot, so I left her in the lobby and said I will be back and ran to my co-workers and said, I need a Chinese name, and they went to work while I made copy of my passport, which they took and I will get back next week. I am passport-less in China right now… and traveling to Beijing next week which requires, a passport, no one is worried so I guess I should not be. Anyway,  after their short discussions, they agreed upon a name for me, it is Mo Rui Jia, I wish I could share the characters for they are very pretty. The name comes from Mo which is like my last name, Morgan Rui, like my first name Rebecca and Jia has something to do with the center/heart of a flower. The office really liked it so I went with it. Now, I hope no one ever calls me by this name for there is a good change I will not respond. Interestingly enough I had to fill out a travel authorization request and use my Chinese name, I guess I will be using it more than I thought, if I could only remember it…


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  1. Terry
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:15:39

    That is great now we have 3 Mo’s in the family. I was big Mo and Bret was little Mo when I was playing softball and he would tag along. Of course now that makes no sense since he is half a foot taller than me! All through high school he was known as Mo and many of his friend’s parents never new his real name. Welcome to the club!
    Glad that things are gong well and you are finding your way to work and back. How is the job itself going?


  2. Estalene Morgan
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 14:41:36

    Hope you dont expect me to say that name. Sounds as if all is going pretty well. I miss you, but have enjoyed all of your blogs. Keep it up, Everything is going Ok here, Eric is going to do my cabinets Friday. Good Luck!


    • Rebecca
      Sep 15, 2010 @ 18:24:28

      Look at you posting on a Blog, using Skype, there is nothing you can’t do! Next you will do a marathon with Todd, the one we just did had someone who was 84 🙂 I want to see photos of the cabinets when they are done!


  3. Estalene Morgan
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 18:24:52

    I am just testing this


  4. Paige
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 10:34:48

    I like it!


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