Movie Time!

An exciting day, the organization was invited out to a movie at 9:30am. We had a private screening of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They do this when any of the Company’s movies are released. The movie theater was like any other.. stadium seating, however the seats, and the beds in China are pretty hard/firm. The movie was in English and it was subtitled in Chinese. It was fun to watch the reaction of the Chinese to the movie. They are very intense and expressive movie watchers overall from my observation, fun! I think I was the only one LOA when that one guy said “these are not the droids you are looking for” it is quite possible that Star Wars has not been shown here. China only allows 20 movies to be imported a year.  Each film must be reviewed by China for approval, it was just 5 weeks ago that it was decided the Sorcerer’s Apprentice would be one of the 20 for this year but with some edits. One was obvious, a big continuity one and the others I had no idea for this was my 1st time seeing it. I heard there were some scenes in a Chinatown were modified/removed. What was Nicholas Cage’s hair, yuck!

I also learned that foreign animated tv shows and movies can’t be shown between 4-10pm. Only Chinese animated programming is allowed to be shown during these peak hours.

Piracy is a huge concern, imagine that. They can replicate a car.  Because of it being so high, if you go to a legit store that sells DVDs you can purchase a real copy for 20RMB which is $2.98 US. Crazy!  In the markets and on the streets, they sell copy of DVDs for $1.00. To entice people to buy a real copy, they add extras to them, bonus items, free stuff, access to web sites, and such.   I saw the Big Bang Theory being sold, BBT is not aired here, they have someone record it and burn the heck out of it for sale. Many US tv shows are distributed this way that are not the select shows that are aired here.

I do think I may have to sniff around for the video games, I heard they have copies of those as well. That could be fun.


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