Breakroom Lunch

I wanted to eat a peanut butter sandwich I brought for lunch however, when one of my team members and others asked me to join them for lunch in my 1st week how can I say no. I have been to lunch 3x time week, a dinner, and a happy hour…. socializing is big. We went to a local restaurant, of course. From my experience and discussions with my co-workers about Western food, they don’t like it. The young teenagers like it but as you get older, they don’t. Pizza Hut is also a fancy, expensive restaurant here 🙂 I don’t eat fish or seafood of any kind, no matter what country I am in, don’t care for it and I am trying to avoid meat here in China, which makes it all fun.

We go to the restaurant and it is crowded, they lead us down a hallway, past the kitchen into this side room, which is, the breakroom! They shoo the folks out on break who are smoking and quickly grab a ratty table cloth and place it over the table and set the table for us. I am hoping we are going to leave for it is so smokey in here, for we are all gagging, we don’t, but instead sit down and eat. Another couple joined the breakroom for lunch as well.

The menu is all in Chinese, other restaurants I have been to have had a picture book menu 🙂 I like that… but this one hard core, no English. The team orders and they ordered asparagus for me, it is a vegetable but it had meat on top of it. I scrapped it off.  They ordered approx. 6 dishes, all served family style and a liter of Pepsi and it was under $15 for the total bill.


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