Expat Show Shanghai

Before I left FL, I registered for my 1st outing on my own, the Expat Show (thanks Rick!). I guess at the time I thought I was going to be just going to work and back to the hotel. HA! I have been out 3 nights my 1st week. The Expat show is a trade show and a cuisine festival where vendors and service providers who like to serve the expat community were on display.  I don’t need any more shopping bags, I received 5 of them of various sizes and could have picked up many more. That is a cool thing about Shanghai, they charge you for plastic bags in the stores so best to bring your own. Lots of dentists, children schools, Mandarin schools, travel services were there. It was very helpful to find grocery stores that deliver and offer organic products, I am not going all crazy but in China the pesticide use is out of control, who how really knows what chemical concoctions they are using, there is no regulation and they use three to four times more chemical fertilizer than developed countries. That alone is a good reason, although how do you really know it is organic, if there is no regulation? The show was very helpful I found an awesome German bakery.. that delivers and some salons, spas, and many other good info for living in Shanghai. And a little entertainment as well… check out the Capri Sun girls and the copy Mickey Mouse running around.

Copy Mickey Mouse

Capri Sun Girls


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