Medical Part II

I had all but one of my suggested vaccines for living in China in the US. The rabies shot is a series of 3 shots, with specific timing to them. Of course, my #3 shot of the series, the last, I would not be able to get in the US due to the timing of my relocation. I must get it in China. After the medical exam going to that place, I really don’t wish to repeat.. I did find out the reason why I had to travel so far is because it is the only place the government approves to do the medical exams.  I was dreading if I had to go back to a place similar to get my final shot. I asked folks at work, who called around to an international hospital and they said they can do it but it will take 2 weeks for they need to order the vaccine. I had a 2 day window left to get the shot. I called another international hospital, the phone IVR is in Chinese but has “For English, Press…” Yeah! They spoke great English and said they could do it but I had to make an appointment with the Dr. of course, same as in the US… need to get their billings in! Darn healthcare, it haunts everywhere! They were able to get me in the same day with an American Dr. It was a very nice hospital, very similar to the US. The Dr. was great, the challenge is the hospital had 2 kinds of rabies vaccines and they were not the one they gave me in the US. He had to call the  manufacturer back in the US, at 2am and ask which one was compatible. After approx. 1 hour of waiting, he got a call back, it was decided which one to give all made me a little nervous, what if it was the wrong one and what happens then?  They gave it to me and I was on my way back to work. So far I feel fine…


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