Residency Permit- Presenting Myself

I am still working on getting my residency permit (the thing that required a Chinese name). The company assisting with all this, the ones who picked up my passport last week, set up an appointment for me to go to the Security Bureau and meet one of their representatives there.  I took a cab to the building and found my way inside, reminds me of courthouse like government building. The signs are in Chinese and English (yeah!) so I follow the ones for residency permits. At the top of the escalator you are given a number, like at the deli counter. I get 700 and something… they are on 300 and something, there are windows galore with the numbers above them where you are supposed to go when it is your number time and hundreds of people in this waiting room. Oh dear.. I call my contact I am supposed to meet and find her. She has a bunch of my paperwork, Todd’s and I see my Passport! She also has a many of the deli slips she takes mine, adds it to her collection and gives me another one. It seems she spends her whole day there, collects the tickets and gives us a time to show up and meet her so we don’t have to wait for hours, NICE! I waited like 5 min and then she escorted me to the window, where I am told to sit and a security officer looks at my paperwork, my Passport, looks at me, takes my photo, stamp-stamp some documents and I am all done. The officer inspecting me, she is only a 3 star officer… I know this for it had the service survey taking device on the desk and it has her photo and how many stars she has. Again, I was afraid to rate her service for fear of not getting my passport or residency permit. Lets just say her 3 star is probably deserved.. I still walked out of there with nothing. I went all the way down there for them to look at me, to present myself to the government. What about my passport? The service picks it up and delivers it to me at the office (glad I don’t have to go get it). Get ready Todd for you still have to do yours!

The waiting area and line

She is only a 3 star...


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