Squat Toilet License

Visiting the Forbidden City, I used the restroom and have myself a souvenir. Here I was thinking how proud I am of myself not freaking out over squat toilets any more. How I have my tissue, I know how to use it, and look out. There was a hook if you had a bag but no shelf to place objects like my phone and wallet that were in my pocket. No problem, that is what arm pits are for.  As I go to wash my hands, something is in my back pocket. It must be my room key. I go into my back pocket and pulled out entrance tickets from the Forbidden City, one for the gate, and not my room key, but my now bent up license, which I was required to show to get into the Mausoleum. Squatting bent my license. Not as much as an expert and I thought. I will now always remember the Forbidden City when I have to use my license.


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