Excitement In The Air-National Holiday

There was exciting in the air today, the day before the National Holiday. The vibe around the office and on the street is like the day before Christmas Eve.  It is one of the holidays, where the weekend days were moved so we get 7 days off in a row. I go back to work next Friday. YAHOO! In honor of my 7 days off, her is my top 7 things to do while on National Holiday, in no order:

  1. Sleep in, I would like to sleep past 6am, now due to work, not the time change
  2. Have pizza. Papa John’s, I want to see if the garlic sauce is the same.. or Pizza Hut (which is a gourmet restaurant here)
  3. Go to the movies, well that is if something of interest is playing
  4. Catch up on Fall season shows
  5. Go see some sights in Shanghai, parks, museums
  6. Move into apartment. Move crap from hotel, and buy more crap (dishes, sheets, etc.)
  7. Finish up statistics class

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manzhi
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 22:01:04

    suggestion. Don’t go out the night of Sep 30th and Oct 1st, there will be tons of people just walking on the street, teen ages chase around . but if you wanna experience it . go for it, The city will be very pretty at night , also there will be traffic control. just be prepare.


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