Ikea, Expo, Special Management of Cutlery

At IKEA, a few things are different. One is your purse or other bags are locked up in a large red bag, zipped up and the zipper secured with one of the plastic beep, beep, beep they place on clothing. I am sure a security feature but a challenge if you didn’t take our your phone, or a pen or whatever else you need to shop.

Red lock bags for bags

The other is, if you happen to purchase any kitchen knives, here is the policy for the special management of cutlery:

To secure the safety of residents and the domestic/oversea visitors during Expo session, Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Commerce Committee jointly made the decision on special safety management of cutlery. According to the safety management, hazardous tools of knives must be purchased on registration of customer’s real names. “Knives for kitchen use must be sold at specific shops and be purchased on registration of customers’ ID card.”

On sales of knives, customers’ ID card shall be checked and the related personal information, types of the purchased items and quantity be registered. Sale report be submitted to on a weekly basis, and recorded at local Public Security Bureau.


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