Furniture Delivery Day, Ayi and Ikea..Again

At 11:30am I get a call from my agent that the sofa has arrived and if I can meet at the apartment at 1pm to go over the furniture inventory/condition list and get the extra key. I decided to pack up some of my items from the hotel and bring it on over in the cab. I put all my shoes except for some flops and running shoes. The large duffel weighed a ton. I  made it to the apartment and the security guard likes to argue with the taxi driver. I am glad they just don’t let anyone in but I have no idea how to tell them I live there and how to prove it. I showed the key he seemed still grumpy about it but let us pass.  When I get to the apartment, the sofa is not together, it is unpacked but they are working on getting it put together. This is 1.5 hours later… good gosh what have they been doing? The Donald is there, in the same VIP girl t-shirt as the before 🙂 my curtains are up and I give her a thumbs up. The sofa has 2 stains on it, they put it all together and then The Donald is not pleased… I think in 5 days a new one is coming.


A painter comes to touch up the wall in places and I am told the paint will be a different color until it dries. Having painted a lot, I understand this. The walls are a light cream, the touch up paint is white. Stark white. That is not drying anything close to cream… I mention this to my agent and he talks to the painter,  I am told there is not way to match the paint perfectly. I get it but white is not a shade of cream and can I re-paint the walls. I am told yes, then I am told I have to pay for the painters labor, finally after a 45 minute discussion, I am not  kidding, it is going on for that long and I am just sitting there on my new sofa watching CCTV and it is not in English or subtitled, why do I need TV? Finally they told me the painter will come tomorrow with the “paper colors” the swatches is what I am assuming and I can pick one. I reminded them the whole room needs to be painted, not just a touch up. The argument resumes for another 30 minutes. Finally, I am told to meet him tomorrow at 9am, and to remember his face for he will ring the bell downstairs and I have to let him in (there is a video camera and it shows in my apt by the door. My agent gives me 500RMB and says if he is not there (he said he will try) if the painter does a good job, give him the money if he doesn’t, don’t give him anything. He came at 9:50 with one small can of paint, guess I am not getting the whole rooms painted. Good news, the paint her brought  matches! I even made him leave the can with me so I could touch up the rest of the place.

The Touch Up Job

Ayi Coming

The apartment is in need of a good wipe down. I asked my agent if The Donald will be having it cleaned or do I do it?  I don’t want to move my stuff in before it is cleaned.  He said they will get an Ayi to do it (Auntie in Chinese and is a housekeeper). The Ayi they found works the building by day, is off at 4:30 and then works my place. She came right at 4:30 and started talking in Chinese to me. She asked for a pen and wrote Chinese, for if I can’t speak it, I must be able to read it! She is sweet. I finally had to call my agent and she wanted to know what I wanted her to do 1st. I said the kitchen and bathrooms are priority. She spent 2 hours in the place and it looks great. Much better. That is, except the “rat” droppings in the cabinet, the cabinets are hard to open and I think she may be a little too short so she didn’t get to them. I was told they are not “rat” droppings but tea… hmm…


Off to IKEA

A co-worker who started the same day as I did, warned me IKEA was crazy she went and it was packed. She made an interesting observation, no one is buying, they are hanging out in the rooms, taking photos and milling around. Sure enough… that was the case! Strange… the food court was packed and the ice cream cones cost 1RMB (.14 cents). I emptied my large duffel and took it with me. They have lockers so I put the bag in the locker and was on my way! I only had to purchase one blue IKEA bag to haul my stuff. Those work great! Here is the photo of my haul. I was able to fit it all into a taxi trunk. At the apartment, someone let me into the building (my door card was in my purse) and then I put my dishes and pans next to the sofa, I was going to make 2 trips.. a woman and her young daughter picked up my dishes and followed me. WOW people are sure nice! I wanted to give the little girl some Mickey stickers I had in the apt but they bolted so fast.

Just get the Internet to work. China telecom coming tomorrow and my water service set up ( it is the holiday, can’t do until after) I should be good at the new place.


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