JW Bath Towels

I have been getting settled into the apartment, still staying at the JW at night (there is free breakfast and Internet) but moving my things over and buying other stuff I need.

One of the items I needed to pick up was bath towels. Easy right? I will get them at IKEA Well IKEA does not have the selection like at home of bath towels. The ones they had, I didn’t like. They seemed scratchy and decorative. This goes for many places in Shanghai. There is not a bath towel section like at Target that has hundreds to choose from. I went to department store after department store, went to Marks & Spencer, which does not have a domestic section. I can’t find bath towels. When I did find some, they were thin, scratch and had decora on them, you know the “show” towels people have in bathrooms that you aren’t suppose to use but they are for decoration. Some have lace, a thick band with writing, the brand name on it. I think here those towels are actually used. When I found towels, there were like only 5 to choose from, 5! You want a silk comforter, there is 55 to chose from, a bath towel 5.

After running around many places and not finding a simple, nice, bath towel. I gave up and went to the front desk of the JW and asked if it was possible to purchase the bath towels in the room. Great service here, for she didn’t even bat and eye or question my request she said she will call housekeeping and get back to me. Sure enough, they will sell me bath towels for 150RMB ($23.58) each. I will take 4 thank you very much!  They delivered, 4 brand new white bath sheet towels.

Who is coming to stay now that I have JW bath towels AND an Ikea sofa bed?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 22:59:37

    I am saving my pennies!! Can’t wait!!


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