Best Buy Oven in English- It’s Mine!

Did I mention the apartment does not have an oven? There was a cheap microwave in the apartment (the kind with a turn knob), part of my requirements for taking the apartment was to replace the microwave with one that microwaves and “toasts” as I have heard it referred to as. It is like a convection oven, so I can make frozen pizza and chips from Marks & Spencer, very important.

I was told to pick out what I want and then deduct that amount from the next time I pay rent (January, for I paid 3 months in advance… crazy!). I went to emart by the house, a place called Yolo and Gomz and they have them but it was all overwhelming and in Chinese.

I decided to take an adventure to Best Buy on the business day of the year, I swear it was and that all 16.74 million folks in Shanghai were out on the street. I took the metro and it was packed, I haven’t experienced it this busy so far and I really hope to not to again, it was very uncomfortable, it was stampede like… scary and the pushing, it was a little much, oh and the spooning on the train, yes that is how close we were to each other. No personal space, no boundaries, little uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to get off…

Look at all the people!

I can see Best Buy

The Best Buy Greeter

I made it to Best Buy and they have only 2 microwaves and 1 of them  what I am looking for. There are TONS of buttons on this one, a noodle, rice, dumpling, egg button are some. It is a little much… The sales person then pulls out the manual and he says English. I said it is in English? I don’t care how much it costs, I want it! He then shares it comes with a cookbook, also in English, that is nice, I am not going to make anything from that cookbook for it is all Chinese food, I just care about the manual. Best Buy even delivers for free. I gave them my address which my agent wrote for me in English and Chinese and they do not have a window say 8am-Noon, Noon-4pm of deliveries, it is any time during the day. Really? Good gosh. The good news is the driver will call me before he comes, I asked if he speaks English and she asked me if I speak Chinese.. this should be good. Well they delivered during the time of course I wasn’t home. I called the number they left on my door and they will deliver tomorrow so I am expected to wait around all day for them to show up. Good grief!


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