Internet Not Working

My Internet was not working at the apartment. The router has a light that says Internet, I sent a photo to Todd, my IT support and he said that the light wasn’t on. He is so smart! So that must mean there is no Internet service in the apartment. The Internet guy comes out and when he sees my Mac freaks out. I get my agent on the line who is not computer savvy and I am trying to tell him the Internet light is not on the router, I don’t think he knows what a router is… he tells the repair guy who says the line is working. Why is the light not on? He then gives me a log in ID and Password and wants to leave. I have no idea where to put this ID and Password. A box doesn’t come up and ask for it. I call a co-worker and puts her husband on the line who talks to the guy, who wants me to sign a paper so he can leave, I refuse to sign until this thing works, he huffs and puffs. My co-workers husband said they will come over tonight and bring a PC with them to see if it is working. I sign the paper and let huffy go on his way.  I still have no Internet so I am now huffing and puffing, I use my iPhone to Google challenges with Macs working in China and found what I needed to do, where to put the password. It is something called a  PPOE. It works and the light is still now on the router.. Bad news, it is slower than dial up I swear and many sites I can’t load and it is not due to the great firewall, it is the speed! I have a need for speed for this will just not cut it. Tomorrow,I will be back on the phone with my agent to upgrade my connection.  I hope he received a nice commission from the apartment for I call him all the time. Next item on the list after the Internet is to fix the Satellite tv…


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  1. Bette Schmitt
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 21:16:22

    You are so funny and persistant. i would give up. they can’t fool you. good work!!!!! I see your Mom tomorrow. love bette


    • Rebecca
      Oct 06, 2010 @ 21:18:24

      Hi Bette! I hope you are meeting Mom to plan the trip to Shanghai! If not with Mom bring Bob! I have to get the Internet to work that is how I can update the blog and talk to the family on Skype.. right now, unable to do both from the apt.


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