1st Night in Apartment- Papa John’s

After 30 days I moved out of the JW. I had my last 218RMB ($32.58) US breakfast (included in corp rate). Oh pretzel rolls I will miss you.   It it was a strange feeling, leaving the JW and going to the apartment. I guess it is all now real. As if the medical visit, presenting myself to the government, and all the other stuff wasn’t real enough, moving into the apartment, the place where I will be living for at least 1 year, is real, I am going to be here a long time…just hit me today.

What did I do on my 1st official day at the apartment? Well… I put away the last of my things and then took a nap on my very hard bed. Beds are very hard in China. It is like sleeping on the box spring, there is no mattress.  I am going to give it a week, if I have trouble sleeping on it, I will be ordering a memory foam topper.

After my nap, I had a delicious pomegranate, apple, grape juice by Tropicana and took a cab out to Pearl City. I had a winter coat made by Zach the Tailor at the ex-pat show and I had to go pick it up. It is about a 20 minute cab ride, it is close to the airport. Of course while being in Pearl City, I had to have a look around and ended up picking up a pair of earrings and a necklace which she designed right there after I picked out the pearls it is crazy! It made my realization of living here a little better.

After my adventure at Pearl City, since I hardly did anything on my list for my 7 days off for National holiday, apartment settling took up so much time this week. I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s. You call this number and it has an option if you would like to order in English. Yippee! Yes I would thank you! I had to wait on hold a little for the English speaker to take my order but no problem! I ordered a large garden vegetable pizza, no olives and gave them my address and it was here in 30 minutes. The central number for orders decides what store is closest to the address. The delivery guy came on his bike and I buzzed him in the building and he brought it right to my door. I gave him more money than the total, as a tip, and I really don’t think you tip… I have heard this but it is just weird to not, he looked at me weird and a shooed him away and he took it. The pizza had secret sauce, but it was not pre-packed, it looked made in the store, I had to try it and didn’t like it, much more sweeter than at home. Oh well, the pizza, although the cheese looks and is a little different, overall pretty good. I would have it again! I have enough for lunch and dinner, yahoo! That is what happens when you get a large and it is just you.  Going to watch some TV and then hit the hard bed, back to work tomorrow (Friday).



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rita
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 08:37:53

    OOOOOO I am keeping an eye on your papa johns…I saw that butter on top…just kidd’n.

    What an Amazing adventure are on…I love it for YOU>

    Huggs and looking forward to hearing more.

    Your favorite WW Cheer Leader


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