Gym Membership

Part of my savvy apartment negotiating skills was to include the gym membership. There is a gym right on site, its like a Lifestyle Family Fitness, Gold’s, I even got the swimming pool and classes include in my negotiation. The owner paid for 1 year and I saw asked the starting date, I said Oct 7 for that was the date I needed to be out of the JW and I had the gym at the JW so why have it start earlier when I wasn’t going to use it is what I was thinking. Looking back I should have said I wanted it to start that day. I was told all I need to do is bring the receipt back the desk and they will take my photo and make my membership card. I went last night, they asked me to write my name and they pulled up some other blond lady, maybe we have the same name? I didn’t look I just said, no that is not me. I was told I couldn’t get a card tonight, that I need to come back tomorrow evening. I went again tonight, told to write my name again, and they pulled up the same woman, that wasn’t me ( I forgot to look at the name). I was told I couldn’t get a card again tonight, that I can get one maybe on Wednesday. Wednesday? What is so special about Wed?  I can use the gym tomorrow morning and the classes if I wanted to. Lesson learned, get the name of who you talk to, even if it is in Chinese and do not come back later, do it that day to make sure you have it.  Oh the gym is also open from 7am-10pm. I find 7am late… I was hoping for 6am, oh well, maybe now I will become a night gym person.


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