Pearl Jam, Ear Plugs & Eye Mask

My first few nights in the apartment, I have the big city street noise, horns, cars, an occasional bike/car alarm going off, I have gotten use to those sounds for they are in the hotel as well. The only challenge the first few nights was the bed, it is not a mattress, more of a box spring that you sleep on, very hard. I was talking about it at work and suggested to get one of these mattress toppers, by SlumberMAAX, free delivery!

After work, it was delivered, the phone in the apartment that rings with the video camera is great. They say delivery for me, like a secret password, and I buzz them in. I have a king sized bed. They brought the box and a pillow for Todd and asked if I wanted help to set it up. I said no. For it didn’t look that heavy… Well… it is dense foam and it is compressed in the box… it was like a over sized brick, I worked up a sweat getting it on the bed, but I did it. Now all I have to do it wait for bed time 🙂

My curtains in my bedroom don’t block out the light, I like to sleep in a tomb, it needs to be dark, any ray of light that shines in wakes me up. I have been up at 5am each day for that is when the sun is up.  I have with me a sleeping mask from the plane, perfect! If this works, it will save me money from having to buy curtains or blinds. YAHOO! New mattress topper, eye mask, I am set!

I get about 30 minutes into my sleeping and I hear yelling and then crystal clear Pearl Jam, I can sing along it is so clear. I have no idea where it is coming from, is it from the apartment above? Or beside me in the next building? NO idea but it is annoying. What do you do? The building security guard who sits down stairs goes home around 8pm I believe, the office is closed, and the security guards who are at the entrances of the complex or compound as they call it speak Chinese, I wait for the song to finish hopefully they are done, of course not, another one starts up. I realized the Delta travel kit may also come with a pair of ear plug, thank you grilled cheesus ( I just watched Glee) it does!  I put the ear plugs in, now the sound I hear is myself breathing… the reason why I don’t like to snorkel (one reason… I also don’t like to get wet),my breathing is better than grunge. I have my eye mask and now trying to sleep. I hope this is not going to be a re-occurring party next door for sleeping with all my accessories is going to get a little old.


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