Soft Scrub or Comet Where Are You?

I never considered myself a clean freak by any means, but in my apartment I want it clean before I move in. The stainless sink in the kitchen is brown stained, I am going to call it tea stains and the bathroom around the sink knobs and the tub need a good scrub. The Ayi who cleaned, you have to provide the cleaning products. I looked for something with bleach in it and a little scouring power, like Soft Scrub or Comet and I couldn’t find anything. I picked up a glass cleaner and a all-purpose cleaner. It didn’t do the trick. I went back to E-Mart, convenient it is right next door and looked in the cleaning aisle again, nothing.  I went over to laundry and looked at bleach, I have not cleaned with bleach and I think I needed a little more power, I wanted the power of grit. I saw by the bleach, something that said oxidizing bleach in English, I shook the container and it was a powder! I think it is like OxyClean for laundry. It is in all Chinese so I don’t really know what it is and how to use it.  I made a paste of it and scrubbed and it worked beautifully! Removed the stains and residue. My hands are paying the price, I shouldn’t do that without gloves.


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