It’s a CASH Society

At home, if I had $1.00 in my wallet I was lucky, I hardly every carried cash, I would use my debit card for everything. In China, cash is King. Cards are rarely used, if accepted, some merchants will sometimes add the 3% fee to use a card to your bill. Your metro pass is starting to be able to be used in taxis, trains, buses, and boats, but I have heard someone who tried to use in a taxi and was told no, I haven’t tried yet. The challenge using an ATM all the time, is it only gives you 100RMB notes, give a taxi drive 100RMB for a 12RMB fare and they get mad. I try to hoard my small bills for taxi and break my larger ones, however try to break a 100RMB at McDonald’s and they have to go to the back of the restaurant to make change.. all the while your food is getting cold, I don’t understand.. 100s are so common, McDonald’s can’t break them? The bills are also larger sized than what I am use to and don’t fit into a wallet. That is Chairman Mao on the bill, he is on all the bills. There are also 1yuan coins which add up quickly and weigh you down.


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  1. Rick
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 21:12:22

    Hi Rebecca. You can surley use the metro card in Taxi’s. I did it all the time. One helpful hint is show him that you are going to pay with the card before he closes the meter. Its easier for them to log the sale that way and they dont get so ticked off. They may moan on occasion but are not likely to refuse as the alternative is you get out and walk away. I used it often on the ferry go from pudong to puxi as well.


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