Knives Are HERE! C.O.D.

My knives arrived! I was telling my co-worker about the knife situation and she said maybe I should buy them online. She went ahead and found some on popular online shopping sites, one of them being, I love Amazon at home !Bad news, it is all in Chinese. I picked out a set in the wooden block from Amazon and had it sent to the office! With help of course..  I received a call from reception that a delivery for me is here, I pay the man for it C.O.D(Cash On Delivery), very popular…  cash is King and I have knives!  I am a little concerned that 2 of them out of the 4 are cleavers… no wonder they had a ban on knives! Those are weapons not kitchen tools and why are there 2?


Amazon at my Desk



The cleavers and a "normal" one



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Terry and Pat
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 07:59:33

    I guess Todd will have to be on the straight and narrow with “knives” like that in the house!
    I guess they need “cleavers” because one never knows what kind of meat they are carving up and serving as chicken! Aren’t you glad you are a vegetarian?


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