Metro is not 24hrs

Unlike the city, the Metro system  in Shanghai is not open 24 hours. I read about the metro and after the fact remember folks telling me that you have to pay attention to the operating hours. Some lines stop running at various times and this is most important if you are on the other side of the Huangpu river from where you live. I remember thinking why would I ever be out that late on the “other side” of the river that I would even have to worry about the metro not running. Well, last night I learned my lesson.

My friend Austin is in town to delivery a training program and after her program we had dinner on my side of the river and then took a cab to the Bund, which is on the river so she could take in the neon Shanghai is known for. We took the tourist tunnel, which is a neon, light, and this crazy experience that runs under the river from one side to the other. It is my quest that all visitors must experience the tourist tunnel. If you are coming to visit great ready, we are going!

This works well for her hotel is on the “other side” of the river. This puts her on her side, get a cab to take back to the hotel and I will take the metro back.  I am in the metro, get on the train and a transfer station to the line by my house is the next stop! Bonus! I get off the train and follow this man headed to line 10 as well and find out line 10 closes early, it was 10:30pm. There were signs telling me this as I backtracked through the station but the signs are in Chinese, how would I have known and I was following someone, must have been a Chinese Foreigner. I had to take another train and get on line 8 that runs later and finally made it home. I must learn the times of the trains OR not be out that late at night.


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  1. Shelli Browning
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 12:04:43

    How cool that you got to meet up with Austin! What amazes me is that you feel safe enough to be out that late in a big city alone. I can’t remember the last time I felt safe alone out at night here – maybe the safety is in the numbers! I’d love to feel that freedom again!


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