For English Press 2

You know when you get a phone tree in the US and it will ask  “for English press one”. Usually English is the 1st selection and automatically I would hit one even before the directions would finish. I am trained when I hear that message, I hit one. Gosh Pavlov would be so proud!

I have found myself I still press 1 here. It is a little bit different experience for I have trouble using the phone so if and when I can get the phone to ring, is that the phone really ringing, it sounds different… the menu will be in Chinese and I am waiting to hear English, if there is English it will say “for English press two, or four, etc.” I hit 1. I am trained to hit 1, I heard her say 2 but I pressed 1, uggh! Then I have to call back and hear the message again and not let instinct kick in and hit 1. It is the darnedest thing I am always hitting 1 and having to call back again before I get it right.


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