Lenny and the Broom

A few weeks back, after tired of Smelling Sex and Candy in the middle of the night I placed a note on the neighbors door asking them to keep the volume of their music down at night. It was written in Chinese (thanks to a co-worker) and in English. If they are from somewhere else it is pointless.

No idea if the note worked but they seemed better, music was still going loud but around 10pm it would stop. In the middle of the night I would faintly hear it and I only had to put in earplugs once in the past weeks.  The only new challenge I had was the hookers that are up there, I really don’t know if they are hookers, but they are wearing heel and parade around on the wood floor and I can hear click, click, click, and I have only heard it 2x so in my mind they are hookers. It doesn’t happen when I am trying to sleep so hookers I can deal with.

The music is back, in full volume, Pearl Jam woke me up. I put in ear plugs and could still clearly hear the music AND my racing, mad heartbeat. Next track went to Lenny Kravoitz, finally something good but I really don’t need to hear Lenny late either. I decided it was crazy for me to wear earplugs in bed, I got dressed and was contemplating me going up there and beating on door which I decided against, didn’t think it was safe me alone at night beating on some music crazed person’s door I don’t know and may not speak English. I took a broom handle and beat on the concrete ceiling and it stopped. No idea if they hear it or it was just a 2-song night. I woke up the next morning to black marks on the ceiling.

The next night more music, even Elvis this time. I don’t care if it is my love George Michael, I don’t need to be hearing it that loud at night. This morning I went to the office with my visual of my ear plugs and explained how I have lived here almost a month and how this is crazy. I think my visual did it! They are going to call the owner of the apartment today and let them know their tenant is disturbing the neighbors hopefully it will stop.vIf not Todd in a few weeks you are going to have to go up there.



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