Embarassing Moment 3,787 & 3,788

#3787 I hear this noise coming from the bathroom and it is coming from upstairs. It sounds like squeaky/humming pipes. Maybe the pipes in the apartment upstairs are leaking or going to burst. This makes me nervous. It goes on all night. I decided to call the management company which if I can dial the number and get it to ring is an accomplishment and then their English is limited so I am trying to explain the noise and the sound. They send a maintenance person up the apartment. Who I show to the bathroom and point up to the noise, he listens and goes over to the wall switches, there are many and moves one and the noise stops. The vent was on. It so didn’t sound like a vent.  I am sure he had stories to tell is buddy, anyone asks I am from Sweden or Canada and I am not over educated, I am actually under educated and I am a natural blond.

Too many buttons







#3788 The owner of the apartment dropped off a water dispenser. The water in Shanghai, although some of the better water found in China, it does come from the Huangpu river, and it is the pipes, minerals, and such that may cause trouble, boiling water for drinking or used bottled is suggested. I brush my teeth with tap water, no problem. So my dispenser is here. I plug it in and later notice the water does not come out cold. It is either warm or boiling. Also the mini-fridge under the dispenser is not cool. Hmmm… so I took a photo of the front of it and bring to work. I asked a co-worker why is it not cold? She told me the machine does not cool, just heats water. I asked about the mini-fridge and how does that get cool, she didn’t even crack a smile and said it is storage for cups. The Chinese are so kind and she was saving my “face” by responding politely… I cracked up and then said she may laugh at me, it is ok. I do like getting her to tell the story to others now.

Doesn't that look like a mini fridge?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:23:39

    Rebecca I am enjoying the stories. Especially the fan one. I can so relate to it. I moved into an apt recently (never have) and in my bathroom could hear something humming for days… It was the neighbors fan and I was getting freaked out thinking it was going to get to hot and start a fire. The neighbor finally turned it off…. LOL Hope you are doing okay…


  2. Leora
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 22:16:51

    Too funny…..


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