#3 Most Frequently Visited Place: The Bank

Top 3 list of my most visited places:

  1. My apartment
  2. The Office
  3. The Bank

The bank is a fun experience! (Not really, that is my positive energy going towards it). I think the last time I step foot into a bank was when I closed on the house loan, 3 years ago. I did everything online. That was then, my new reality is going to the bank.

I have a friend at the bank, she is a greeter, and she speaks English! She sees me coming and gives me a big smile and I tell her what I am needing to do and she hands me a number like in the deli. I wait until my number is called. Sometimes there are many people in front of me, on a recent trip I was next to be called but I still waited 20 minutes to be seen. She also writes things for me in Chinese on the piles of paperwork each transaction requires. It is not a paperless society by any means. I think I am going to have to give her a bonus come Chinese New Year.

Why have I gone to the bank so much ? Here is a summary of my trips:

  1. To open account (which Todd can’t be on, no such thing as joint accounts) and get USB key for online banking. That is how they make is secure. Which I couldn’t get for I didn’t have a business card.
  2. To get the USB Key, I had my business card but didn’t have my passport
  3. Get USB key yeah got it but can’t log into bank from home, only IE no Firefox/Safari
  4. Re-set password locked myself out at work trying to access online account
  5. Pay vendor for memory foam topper for bed, otherwise I would be sleeping on a box spring
  6. Reset password locked myself out at work trying to access and decided while at it to get my USB password for I am sure I don’t remember that either
  7. To pay my apt agent for he paid bills for me but I couldn’t for some reason pay the owner of the apt
  8. To pay the owner of the apartment rent
  9. To ask why my T&E payment was denied. Come to find out they have my name a BEBECCA. It is spelled wrong at the bank so when they try to pay Rebecca it is denied. I was told I needed to go to the original bank I opened my account at to change my name. That is inconvenient so I had work change my name in the system. I am now Bebecca.

A recent trip at the bank was because I forgot my password for online banking. Online banking and credit cards are not too common. I guess online banking is not safe/secure here so they require a USB key when you go online to transfer money, pay bills, etc.  This is my 2nd time going to the bank for a password reset. You can’t reset your password online, you can only do it in person at the bank. Inconvenient and I need to stop locking myself out. They give you 3 tries after 3 you are headed to the bank. I would have done this yesterday but you need your passport with you, I don’t carry my passport around, always something. Since I have yet to use my USB key and I am sure Todd would appreciate some money soon,  I also need to learn how to transfer money.  I am sure I have a password for the USB which I also can’t remember. I see a same bank associate who remembers me, I am famous here…and she tells me she already told me how to do these things (very unexpected sassy of her, could have been a language misunderstanding, her name is now Sassy), I said yes you did and I forgot, tell me again and I will write it down. To transfer money I have to 1. read Chinese and 2. write in Chinese, this should be good. I don’t even know if my keyboard can do that! UGGH! I will need to have a co-worker help me with that at work. I am sure I will be back again next week for something. After hours on the phone with the help desk at work and for the bank, it was determined my computer is too new, it has Windows 7 and the USB keys, although I have the newest one, is not compatible. I was told to use my home computer, which is a Mac and is also not compatible. No online banking for me. Sassy is going to see me regularly to pay bills and to send money to the US. The stinky part is each bill pay transaction I have to pay for. To pay the owner rent it cost me an additional $7.50.UGGH!

Went to the bank with a co-worker yesterday to just use the ATM. I told him about my celebrity status at the bank and my friend. Well, I was sad to say when I went in, she wasn’t there. However, after I used the ATM,  she was there,  asking me if I needed a number to see Sassy I told her I was just using the ATM  but I will see her next week I  am sure, and as we left she opened the door for me. She provides good service but the rest of the bank, it needs a few lessons.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 00:31:07

    Interesting experience… Always cracks me up but I am sure is very trying. You are learning lots of patience. Hope you are doing well otherwise. Have you found a local market with Vita Muffins? Do they have anyone like “Rita” from our Wednesday meetings? Hope all is well — talk to you soon!


  2. Shelli Browning
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 07:50:23

    Sounds like you are keeping your sense of humor about it all. As far as the service issues go, I know a guy named Tom Thomson who can fix that right up! Have a good day, Bebecca! ;o)


    • Rebecca
      Nov 06, 2010 @ 22:34:14

      if I could only get the bank to do a DI program, that would be wonderful! My bank is owned by the government…


      • Rebecca
        Nov 06, 2010 @ 22:35:24

        HA! Finding Splenda I have yet to do… no muffin tops 😦 … I have found regular muffins, which are rare. Maybe I will just eat the tops… and pretend.

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