Take a Piece of Sheet

It is a different experience when you need to talk to a Chinese employee about English. For who am I? I am the foreigner who speaks only one language and here they are bilingual and I am correcting them? It feels weird to me.  I talked to one of my team members about Academy awards, not academic awards. The words are very similar when you look at them, I get it. The employee was great about it and upset that the foreigners in the program didn’t understand what was being said. I am sure they got it.

The employee tells me how embarrassed they are for their English has been not so good lately. Their English is great!  In another training being delivered in English, they were handing out activity sheets and said, “Please take a piece of sheet”. The foreigners in the class laughed. I told them that sometimes you need to tell people to take a piece of sheet; you said please so it is OK.  They were embarrassed and I reminded about my story of the mini-fridge not working and calling the maintenance man for my fan being on and I am sure things I say in Chinese are far from being correct.


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