Paying Bills

Sign by the elevatorThis note was by the elevator. I took this photo and brought it into work to ask about it. It appears this is for the gas meter and it is self-reporting. The gas meter is located inside the apartment and since the meter reader can’t get in without the tenant, it is common to have a self-reporting system. I was told that after so many months they do an audit by arranging a visit to come inside. I found this very interesting. Here is my meter reading for this month I put on the paper.

I received an electric and internet bill that I had to bring into the office again for it is in Chinese. My co-worker happened to have a water bill to pay so we went to pay them together over lunch, at the convenience store. You pay bills at the convenience store. You hand the clerk your bill(s) and they add them up and give you a total price, you pay, get a receipt and are on your way. I wanted to wait until I received my water bill and gas bill and pay them all at once. I was advised against this for there is a time window that you can pay at a convenience store, after a certain date, the bill needs to be paid in person at the office of the water, internet, etc. company. I would never find that! I will pay the bills and pick up a soda as they come in.


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