Speed Bus

Keanu where are you?

During Todd’s recent visit,  as we would attempt to cross the street I would tell him to look out for the Speed bus. He asked me what did I mean “Speed Bus”.  In the movie Speed, the buses could not go under 50mph or bad things would happen so they drove all crazy around the city. That is exactly what the buses in Shanghai do! They have only one speed and it has to be around 50mph, they barrel down the road and honk their horn, telling folks they are coming through, like in the film. There is no slowing for pedestrians, bikes, other cars, or corners, they go around corners that fast as well. It is really something and very scary if you are in the road or standing on the curb to cross but fascinating to watch if you are a safe distance. I will try to safely make a video of one 🙂


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