The Great Electric Blanket Search

Coming from Florida,  I don’t really like the cold and it is getting cooler in Shanghai. I heard it can get pretty cold too (but unlikely to snow).  To prepare for the winter weather I have:

  1. Photocopied the remotes for the air conditioner which is also the heater and brought into work to have the buttons translated for me
  2. Purchased some sweaters and had a long cashmere coat made
  3. Searched for an electric blanket

China and I have different expectations on what is an electric blanket. They sell electric blankets but they are not really blankets. I would call them large heating pads. I think they should be renamed electric mats for that is what they are in my eyes. They are pads, you place on top of your mattress that you lay on top of. I am looking for something, like a blanket, that you lie under. I am really not interested in an electric bed mat because I don’t know what it will do to my memory foam topper I have on the box spring called a mattress in China. It does something with body heat, imagine what it will do with a heating element.

Since I am not able to navigate through the online sites such as Amazon and Tao Bao, I asked co-workers to assist. After an exhaustive search, over days, one was located! It cost a ridiculous amount of money ($125) as they told me the company makes them to export… lucky you all in the US who is getting it for less than it costs here. It is a long story of a furry lamb shearling that was delivered, returned and another found and purchased. Finally,the blanket is perfect, with the exception of it doesn’t fit my bed… I think I have a king size and the blanket is the perfect fit one way but not the other… it was the largest they have and it what I expected of an electric blanket. Todd never really liked electric blankets anyway, which is good for his side will not be covered with it.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Estalene
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 07:38:22

    Hooray for electric blankets. Sounds as if we will need one hear the next week.Keep warm. Estalene


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