Food Delivery

When I lived in Orlando, I wished for a food delivery service. I hate going to the grocery store. I heard Publix did a test of a delivery service a few years back but it didn’t go well. They were ahead of their time.  Here in Shanghai, many of  the grocery stores offer a delivery service. You order online and they bring it to your door, often for free if you buy enough groceries, usually between $15-30 worth. I haven’t tried the grocery service yet. Reason  is because I need to see the food, check it out. Also I worry about what if I was to buy milk, ice cream or other perishables, how long will it sit on the bike? Will it melt, get spoiled? I would rather go to the store and check it out.

I do however use the restaurant food delivery service, Sherpa’s.  It is so convenient. Anything you want, from lots of restaurants (Many Western food)  is available to be delivered to your door, by scooter in usually under 45 min. There is a delivery charge depending on where you order from and its distance to your place. I pay under $2.25 for my order to be delivered (I am cheap and order from the closest places, for paying $3 or more is crazy!) They publish a book with menus but I like to order online. It is like ordering from Amazon. My address is stored, I pick what I want, I can even select the delivery time.  The delivery man rings my apartment, I have a video feed to the door, which at night is very hard to see but I usually can see a glare off of his helmet. Also, who else would be ringing my apt?  I buzz him in, he comes up to the door, I pay him and that is it. It is a wonderful part of living in Shanghai.  I try to limit myself to once a week. I have co-workers who order everyday and on the weekend ordered 3 meals in one day! I would be so embarrassed. What if it is the same delivery person? Then again what do they care but still… I find it weird.


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