Movie Experience

I went to my 1st movie in China, Harry Potter in Beijing.  The biggest difference from my previous movie experience is assigned seats.  It is like going to a play or any other show with assigned seats. When you purchase your tickets you are given a seating chart of the theater and asked where you would like to sit, you pick from what is available at that time and your tickets printed.  I LOVE it. You don’t have to wait in line to see the new movies, or sit in the theater 45 minutes before the movie starts because you want a good seat, or not sit together with your friends.  I am sure it is beneficial for the shopping centers as well for folks are not sitting in a theater waiting but instead out shopping or eating right up until the movie starts. Local ads shown before the  movie but no previews for upcoming movies so no need to get in there early. How Fastpass of the movie theaters! The movie cost was RMB 80 ($12).

I was too full from dinner to try the popcorn, something to look forward to next time. I hear it is sweet, not salty.  I did notice the smell of prawn and fish snacks inside the theater and cell phone/texts were exchanged during the movie, that little screen is so bright.  The movie was in English with Chinese subtitles, which I didn’t notice.

When did Harry Potter stop being for children? It was really scary. Next movie experience, Tron in 3D and the popcorn.


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  1. cousin Barbara
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 19:28:32

    When you get to taste the popcorn, let us know how it tastes.

    $12.00 for a movie! WOW!


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