Fresh Chicken Freak Out

Todd and I were invited to dinner at their house of a co-worker of mine and his girlfriend. This is very exciting! New friends, socialization, all that and we get to go check out someone’s apartment in Shanghai, in case we want to move into something different than my apartment in the sk-y-y. Don’t judge, I know you are window peepers, going to open houses just to get “decorating” ideas, etc.

The apartment is in a low rise building, I think it has only 4 floors and they were on the top. It was very cozy and huge. Very nice! Like most kitchens found in Shanghai, they did not have an oven. Which makes their cooking impressive for it was all done in a toaster oven. On Todd’s prior visit we picked up a toaster oven but I haven’t cooked anything in it but toast. I was inspired to use my toaster oven until…

While giving the tour of the kitchen, it was shared we are having baked chicken. They recall that I don’t eat a lot of meat so thought chicken would be OK. This happens often, in restaurants, when you say you don’t eat meat, they say they have chicken or rabbit. Guess those aren’t considered meat. Anyway, it is shared that the chicken is fresh. REALLY fresh as they picked them out earlier that day from the market. I imagine it is something like you do at Red Lobster with the lobsters. I am freaked out!  The meal they prepared looked great and still impressive being all done in a toaster oven. I ate mostly vegetables but had to have a little of the of the chicken, how could I not since who knows what they would have been serving if they thought I ate meat. I am still traumatized over how fresh the chickens were. I won’t even get into the timeline I figured out and how fresh it was. I am pretty sure that is one thing I will not be making in my toaster oven.


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