Sneaky Shoe Shine Man

We were talking down Huangpi Lu and noticed this man coming at us with his shoe shine kit. He asked if Todd wanted his shoes shined, we said no. He was then as fast as lightening, I really have no idea how this older man could move that fast, put a smear of black polish on one of Todd’s shoes. We kept walking telling him no, he followed wanting to wipe it off, which really means shine Todd’s shoes. It went on for a while and finally we gave in for we really didn’t have anything to wipe this glob of black polish off.  His evil plan worked! He told us it was 5RMB we said ok he then put on something fancy, protectant coat and the shoe shine that started off at 5RMB ended up costing 20RMB. Todd’s shoes really needed to be shined, they look good and it cost us $3 but still the sneaky dab approach makes me angry but for the man it worked.

Sneaky Shoe Shine Man


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jeff noel
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 21:33:07

    Wonder if he has a shoe shine tips blog.


  2. Dan
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 11:38:48

    You could always use the peddler’s jacket sleave to wipe it off. That’s a tip I read on a different blog.


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