The “Food Phone”

I have a working phone in my apartment. We didn’t have a home phone in our house and I told the agent I didn’t need a phone for who is going to call me in China?  When my Internet bill arrived, I brought it to work to get translated and I am paying for the phone. UGGH! Come to find out, the deal is, I have to have a phone line for the crappy Internet to work. So, in addition to paying for the crappy Internet I pay for a phone.

Since I am paying for the phone, I decided to use it to order a sandwich from Element Fresh. My phone is a special phone, like the Bat phone. When I called they knew my address from my telephone number, it is brilliant! Only thing is… my order arrives with the name Michelle on it.  Michelle must have been a previous tenant but I don’t need to correct them for I have had no trouble making an order or it arriving. My phone is a magic food phone! Now if I could only send a magic signal for the food to be ordered from my balcony, that would be cool.


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