Big Boned

As I have a blog talking about my experiences and observations in China, I am sure there is someone who is doing the same about me and what I say.

I  have found many of the Chinese when speaking English, it is simple and direct. It probably has to do with being bi-lingual and for a 2nd language knowing the basics of the language. I am sure it is the same if we were speaking Chinese. That is how I talk to taxi drivers, I say right, left. There is no take the next right, or right please, up ahead on the right, I am luck to remember how to say right and left in the moment.

Many of the Chinese are also very thin. I am sure the median size is 0 here. If you are over a size 6, to find clothes can be a challenge and we won’t even get into size 8 shoes. In my early days here, when talking about a person, they mentioned his size, I must have said something about calling people fat and told them “big boned”.

Recently, I was asked what did I call people who are fat? I didn’t know how to respond, for I try to not make it a habit to call people fat, ugly, etc. A dumb ass well that I do. So I was trying to figure out what they were asking me and why. During my pause, they asked wasn’t it “being boned”? After sharing you really don’t want to say “being boned” I said the saying is “Big Boned”.

As “being boned” is here in my blog, I am sure “Big Boned” is appearing somewhere here in China along with “Where’s the Beef?”


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  1. Jeffito
    Dec 30, 2010 @ 20:38:58



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