Pineapple Offerings

I leave my office and head through our reception lobby and notice pineapple on plates around the lobby. The receptionist is not there and no one is around being lunchtime, that happens. I can’t stop looking around at all the pineapples and wonder what is up? Having been to the Lama Temple in Beijing and saw fruit and other items, including Chinese version of Little Debbie cakes, offered to Buddha (he has good taste, they are yummy), I wonder if I am missing something cultural. There has to be a reason for the pineapple, it was all around the lobby.

Come to find out, the reception area was recently re-painted and the pineapple absorbs the fumes. I had no idea pineapple had such power.  Ever have a smelly something, put pineapple out.

On the table and under

On the floor

More against the wall


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