White Girl & Chinese Girls Can’t Dance

My gym offers classes, I have never been although I made The Donald (apt owner) include classes in my gym membership as part of our negotiation.  I work out usually in the AM but couldn’t this morning so went at night and it just happened to be around the start time of the Hip Hop class. I decided I am going to go! I have no idea what came over me.

The instructor is little, in her baggie sweat pants and her hip hop, high-top dance boots with fur. I walk in and say hello, besides the instructor there is only one other person in the room. As the warm up starts, more come in late and I am glad to see I am not the oldest in the class or the worst dressed. People were wearing be-dazzled jeans, jeans and sweaters.  Maybe they were their hip hop jeans but jeans in an exercise class… come on.

We do a bunch of warm up “moves” (I am too old for this stuff I realized). The class is in Chinese, good thing I recently learned how to say Right and Left and numbers for counting other than that I followed along. The music is in English but stuff I haven’t heard of.  Until…. oh yes..  I hear from the stereo “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES…” Sure enough she broke down the dance moves and we learned a few counts of it and then the class ended? Or it may have been a water break hard to know for sure for again, all Chinese and I left. I also have no idea if  the rest of the dance is gone over in the next class, if one dance is learned each month. If I really want to find out guess I will have to go.


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  1. Denise Jean
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 08:23:06

    Sounds like fun! Do they have jazzercise in China?


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