I am probably one of only a few who don’t mind going to the dentist. I have been going to Dr. Grosso and his team for over 15 years. I can handle the change of a developing country, the language, the traffic (only on a good day), I don’t know how I would feel about going to the dentist in China. Well I did it.

I didn’t do much research to pick a dentist, the insurance company sent a list and I looked for English speaking , direct billing, then looked at location if it was on this side of the river or the other and found one located in Two Corporate Ave and my office is in One Corporate Ave. Searched stopped there, English, direct billing, and next door.  How convenient! After walking outside to get to the building of my appointment I realized I can walk through the building, even better!

I was nervous for I didn’t have my passport on me, I have learned you have to have your passport for pretty much everything. I filled out paperwork and then an assistant came out, no passport needed. She was wearing an all  white nursing uniform and shoes that I associate with war films and I am not kidding, a white triangle hat. She brings me into a room and introduces me to the Dentist, who speaks excellent English, we have a little chat about my teeth and then she cleans them, the Dentist cleaned them. The assistant holds and hands stuff to the Dentist and hits the button for my chair to raise so I can use the spit sink, I don’t think I have seen those used since I was a kid. As I was flashing back to spit sink days, I wondered if the water used to rinse my teeth was filtered.. it had to be right? I feel fine so no worries.   The whole process took 30 minutes and overall not too bad, my teeth feel clean. I have another appointment in March to get my last cleaning in for the year and maybe next time I can ask the assistant for a photo with her.


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  1. Shelli Browning
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 21:36:01

    How brave of you to be willing to deal with another dentist after so many years! I think I’d have flown home to visit my regular guy! But better to establish a relationship with one in case of the dreaded dental emergency.


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