Surgical Face Masks and Spitting

Something to get use to is people wearing surgical face masks. I heard they are popular throughout Asia. They are worn on the plane, bikes, subway, streets, the office, everywhere. I will admit I have some suppressed germ-a-phobe tendencies. Seeing the masks everywhere awakens it and freaks me out. Try going into a meeting sitting next to someone wearing a mask. Do they have germs or are they afraid of catching germs from someone? Should I be concerned? The masks can be fancy too to match outfits, or have characters on them like Sponge Bob, maybe that is to make them less obvious? Doesn’t work I am afraid, you can’t miss a mask. I heard in HK LV even makes one for those looking for a high end designer mask.

With the mask obsession in the culture I find is fascinating that folks spit on the street. I am afraid the spitting after the Expo has come back in full force, it is really gross. You can often see some blowing their nose, without tissues, they lean over, use their finger to close one nostril and blow, releasing what Todd told me is called a snot rocket. Never heard of such a thing but that is exactly what it is. I really don’t understand… I am going to wear a mask for germs but spitting and rockets are ok and doesn’t spread germs. UGGH! You watch where you step.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. adventureswithben
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 08:26:25

    Maybe you should blow a snot rocket on the surgical masks…?


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