Chinese New Year!

Year of the Rabbit Decora

Chinese New Year  (CNY) and the Spring Festival is here. Welcome year of the rabbit. I don’t understand the Spring bit, it just snowed for 3 days last week. I am sure it has something to do with the lunar calendar the holiday go by. If it is going to bring Spring here faster, good bye cold, I am all for it.

I hear it is the most exciting time of the year, the biggest celebration in China. Firecrackers non stop for days. I heard a colleague from the US describe his 1st CNY here and not knowing what was happening and thinking it was the end of the world. We even get 7 days off in a row. How is this possible? Well, weekends are moved. Many people travel in China travel during this time, returning home to their families, and I will be joining them. After hearing about CNY I am a little sad to be missing all the excitement. However, this will be my 1st trip back to the US, Hawaii is technically the US, 50th state and all.  That is where Todd is over CNY so I have to go to HI. If seeing Todd isn’t enough, our friends Frank and Andrea miss me so much and want to keep me company when Todd is working, they are flying all the way to HI! I am so lucky, sorry Todd that you have to work.

I am so excited to go to western restaurants, think the island has an Olive Garden? Even Denny’s sounds delicious, or pizza without corn. Mexican, oh better, Taco Bell!

When am I coming back to FL or MA? Maybe this spring depending on what Todd is up to but definitely in Sept/early October.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Ruff
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 12:02:29

    Kung hei fat choi!!!

    Get your red envelopes ready! Especially because you are the boss AND married.


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