The Clothes Blew Off The Balcony

Drying on the Balcony

Like in the game Clue my conclusion, the clothes blew off the balcony of the 36th floor during a wild wind storm.

I am missing 2 pieces of clothing, 2 sweaters. My apartment is not large and I don’t have an extensive wardrobe… yet. It does grow each trip to the fabric  market I will admit. The Ayi didn’t take them. We are not exactly the same size and of all things I would have hope she would go after my premium brand items from The Gap (its a big deal, just opened one). Plus she is very trustworthy.  So that leaves:

  1. Someone broke into the apartment, took nothing else but these 2 sweaters
  2. They had to blown off the balcony while drying

After going crazy looking for them I had to accept they blew away and get some clothes pins. Maybe I will need some chains and weights too.


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