Local Fruit Stand

I love strawberries, I can eat a container of strawberries in one sitting, like a family sized bag of M&Ms. I think it is strawberry season in Shanghai, like in FL. Unlike in FL a container doesn’t cost $2.50 more like $7. I have been passing a local fruit store that has a basket full of beautiful, big, red strawberries. I have been purchasing my fruit and such from the supermarkets. The reason prices are marked. I don’t have to bargain. The local places there are no prices so I am afraid I am going to have to bargain. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I love to bargain and other times it is too much work, especially when it comes to produce. After paying $7 for strawberries at the supermarket, I decided how much more can the local lady fruit stand cost? I got a large bag full and it only cost me $5! No bargain required. They look better than the ones in the store and were cheaper. She is my new friend. Local market or bust from now on!


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