Music Mystery Solved!

I have been still having trouble with the music now and then in my apartment. After a few note exchanges with the neighbor upstairs, who said it wasn’t them, I felt it must be the apartment in the other building that backs up to mine. If I could only find a way into their building.. I could wait for someone to open the door and follow them, I decided this is too much work and let it go for now and just wear ear plugs.  I tagged along  apartment hunting with a friend of mine who is moving, we looked at apartments in my complex AND the building next door and one on that floor. From all the unpaid water bills and other notes on the door, no one was currently living in that apartment so it can’t be them. I was thinking that my upstairs neighbors are a bunch of liars, until now.

The music came around around 9pm, a descent hour, this gave time to snoop around and it not be creepy 2am time wandering around an apartment building. I play name that tune, it is Pearl Jam I run up the one flight of stairs and listen and the neighbors door, I hear nothing coming from the apartment. I should have brought a glass, that is how it is done in the movies when you need to listen through a wall.  I head back downstairs contemplating the glass I go back into my bedroom and listen. Here is where I use my deductive reasoning skills, do I thank higher education for that of the 1st grade? Anyway, if it is not coming from the apartment in the building over, and not the one upstairs… could it be downstairs? I put my ear to the floor. It could be! I run downstairs and hear music and loud talking in English but it is no longer Pearl Jam,  crap I need to be sure so I run back upstairs listen to the song it is now Don Henly. I run back downstairs and hear it, it is Don Henly never thought I would so excited to hear the End of the Innocence in my life! Since it is not yet 9:30pm I knock on the door and when asked who is it I said it is your neighbor. I am all smiles and freakishly friendly, it is really because I solved the mystery, I am on a high!  I think the mother in law and a pregnant young lady answer the door. I explained how for months now I have been blaming my upstairs neighbor, how I sleep with ear plugs,  and if they could they please turn the music down at night. Then the husband I assume of the pregnant lady comes out of the bedroom and they tell him he needs to turn down his music, he just looks confused, I explain how I can hear the music as clear as if I was listening to it in my room and that overall his taste in music is pretty good but I could do without all the Pearl Jam and Nirvana. He still looked confused.  Maybe it was embarrassment at listening to 90s grunge or maybe he is amazed at my music knowledge or my guts to knock on a door. Or maybe how he is going to kill me.  Whatever, it stopped and I know the source! Bring on peaceful nights. His mother ( I assume) asked where I was from and I said the US and she said they are too in her Eastern European accent, from Vermont. How nice we are now friends, will make it easier if I hear the music again. Here comes the smarts again or all my training from watching Psych, the woman was pregnant, when that baby is here, which looked soon, there is no way they can listen to the music that loud! Bad thing is I may soon be hearing a baby.. I think I am going to get the upstairs neighbor some chocolates as an apology for my nasty notes and broom beating the ceiling.


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  1. andrea hendry
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 00:01:19

    Holy crap – that’s hilarious!


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