Saturday Working- Tomb Sweeping Day

It is Saturday and I am working. It is one of those weekends where the government moved the weekend. Yup, up and moved it to Sunday and Monday of this week and we are off also on Tuesday for Tomb Sweeping Day.

I was curious what Tomb Sweeping Day is all about so I had to look it up. It is an interesting day, it honors the dead and families tend to the grave sites of their ancestors. They “sweep the tomb” it make sense. Some also set out offerings for their ancestors which are typical bland food for the belief is many spirits are around the grave area and the less appealing the food, the better chance the ancestors will be able to enjoy it for the others will not want it.

It can also be a day of kit flying. I look forward to seeing if there are kites!

Interested in learning more about Tomb Sweeping, here is a link.


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