Seeking Advice Notice

It is very exciting to see announcements in the lobby of the apartment building, especially when they are in English. I just love to read English so I stopped by to check this one out. It made me giggle.

The Notice Posted

  1. Ferocious dogs. Most dogs are pint size here in China and I have yet to come across a ferocious one that I couldn’t take with my shoe if needed (there has been no need for dog violence yet) but I understand they are baby sized..but what about ferocious babies? I find it discriminatory towards the dogs yet again…
  2. Babies will stagger šŸ™‚
  3. Three residents came to this agreement there are 2,160 apartments in my complex (if interested in my math: 40 floors, 3 apartments per floor, 18 buildings total)
  4. Certain hours to walk ferocious dogs, if your dog is not ferocious are they still allowed in the park?

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